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The church at Philippi started when Paul and Silas visited there after the Spirit called them to preach the gospel there. (Acts 16:6-10)  They preached to the Jews first, the ones that were praying on the sabbath (Acts 16:11-15), then also to the Gentiles.  The devil was trying to hinder their work there, but God who uses all things for good, made even their imprisonment a catalyst for spreading the gospel. (Acts 16:16-34)  This was the beginning of the Philippian church, they only got stronger.

They have sent Paul money to help in his ministry and knowing that Paul was in prison in Rome, they sent a brother in Christ to help.  Paul wrote the letter to thank them for their generosity and to encourage them in their work for the gospel.  As with anything human, there are a couple of problems that have arisen that Paul is addressing in the letter.

Philippi laid on the great Roman road, Egnatian Way, and sits on a range that separates Asia and Europe.  It’s strategic location is not only great for the Romans in defense of its empire, but also great for spreading the gospel as many traveling to and from Asia and Europe would be able to bring the Truth with them.  The Philippian colonists were also great loyal Romans and Paul used this to illustrate that our citizenship is in Heaven, so we should act accordingly.

The overriding message is that Christ is the ultimate value, whether in state of freedom, happiness, and comfort or like Paul, in confinement, uncertainty, and mistreatment, we are live for Christ, for “to live is Christ.” (Philippians 1:21)

Jesus is Joy